About Us

Taneli Koskela

2nd & 3rd Grade Coach
Taneli always liked football, but didn’t have the chance to play as a kid, as it was not available where he grew up. When his son became old enough to play, Taneli wanted to be involved with his children’s sports programs as much as possible. He began by helping other coaches and started to coach after a year of working as an assistant. He enjoys teaching kids the love of football, and how to work together as a team. Every year he looks forward to helping new kids adjust to the sport and loves watching the returning kids as they grow up to be great football players.

Roger Payne

3rd & 4th Grade Coach
Roger is a Maintenance Director for a Non Profit organization that specializes in Behavioral Health for teens and young adults.He has an Associates Degree in Mental Health and Human Services concentrating on Early Childhood Development, and is 1 credit short of a Bachelors Degree concentrating on Substance abuse Rehabilitation.
Roger has been coaching since 2001 when he began coaching his son Colin’s baseball team when he was 7. Roger has been coaching baseball ever since and absolutely loves it!! Roger also coached other sports within our local Community and Recreation Centers. Basketball for 5 or 6 years off and on. Floor Hockey for 7 years or so. One of his favorite sports to coach is youth football!! Being with the AYF Steelers for 10 seasons certainly help to build his passion for the game. Roger has been fortunate enough to learn a lot from many great coaches in our area such as, Scott Holmes, Dana Whittemore, Gary Dolloff and Coach K just to name a few. 3 of his first 5 seasons as a coach resulted in winning Championships at the 3rd and 4th grade levels.
Roger loves the outdoors and tries to spend as much time as possible in the woods or on the water.
Spending 8 years as an Army National Guardsman was one of the best things he has ever done as a young adult. Through this service he was taught the importance of discipline and hard work.
Roger has been married for 15 years with 4 kids and now 4 grandkids and it has kept him going strong.
This past summer, Roger and a few awesome guys got together and started a local youth Allstar baseball tourney through the Greater Rumford Community Center and it was one of the best things he has been a part of in years. After the tourney was over and deemed a success, he was presented with the GRCC 2018-2019 Volunteer of the Year award and couldn’t be more privileged for it.

Thank you Telstar youth football for the chance to coach you youths!!!

Dominic Haines

7th & 8th Grade Coach
Dominic has been involved with football as a player and coach for 12 years. He played football at Telstar for 6 years, and 1 year at Mountain Valley High School. Dominic wants to share his football experiences through coaching to provide life lessons for young athletes. For the past two years, his goal as coach has been to give the kids courage and a sense of belonging. He strives to improve the Telstar football program as a mentor, providing positive experiences for local youth every day.

Telstar Youth Football Board 2019

These dedicated parents, coaches, and volunteers do everything they can to fulfill the mission of Telstar Youth Football
If you are interested in attending a board meeting or learning more about how to help with the governance of Telstar Youth Football let Taneli or Mitch know.

Our Mission

Telstar Youth Football builds confidence, team spirit and skills in Bethel area youth through a high-quality, positive, safe and fun football program.

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