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Fortunately for the New England Patriots, the best football team in this corner of the country is probably a bit too young to pose much of a threat. Under the watchful gaze of coaches Dick Paaso, Elijah Mason, Aaron Vermette and Jack Mallory the 5th-6th grade squad of Telstar Youth Football romped to an undefeated 2017 season; a feat not even their heroes down in Gillette Stadium could match.

The Telstar Youth Football program, now in its 15th year, is composed of more than fifty students from 2nd through 8th grades in 4 local towns. This program — sponsored by the Town of Greenwood, staffed by dedicated coaches and managed by amazing volunteer parents — is focused on building a program that teaches young players the essentials of safety and conditioning combined with the fundamentals of football.

Coach Dominic Haines, who works with the 7th and 8th grade group, sums up what football means to the schools and the community:

“I coach because it makes me happy, but there is a bigger purpose. I went to Telstar for three years, and then moved on to Mountain Valley High School. At MVHS I found a football atmosphere, that feeling across the whole town where people loved football season. That’s what I want for the Telstar program. At Telstar we had a lot of talented athletes but could never put it all together because of lack of commitment, focus and dedication. The group of athletes coming through currently have great potential. With the right guidance, these upcoming players will seek their full potential. I feel obligated to give these kids the coaching and the guidance they deserve not only as football players but also as young men.”

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Telstar Youth Football builds confidence, team spirit and skills in Bethel area youth through a high-quality, positive, safe and fun football program.

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